All in one

Industrial software solutions for different logistic-system configurations including devices, processes and warehouse setups

Ability to operate and coordinate all devices within a single system or a range of connected or standalone systems

Finding best routes

Optimal routes and paths within a system taking restrictions, system/device specific requirements and dynamic circumstances into account

State-of-the-art algorithms and techniques for multi-agent pathfinding problems

Optimizing your flow

Key component of automated warehouse by connecting warehouse management systems and coordinating device specific control systems

Cross-system controlled and optimized material flow to combine similar or distinct environments

Controlling your devices

Industrial software solutions on Siemens PLCs for all different logistic devices e.g. conveyor, mini-load, stacker crane, lift, shuttle, AGV, RGV...

Connecting existing systems

Connecting various industrial process networks such as Profinet, Profibus, OPC, OPC UA, Modbus...

Developing devices

Development of 3d warehouse shuttles using industrial components

In-house assembling by highly skilled personnel

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